This seemed the perfect title to revisit as a lockdown project, a broken narrative set in a time of privation. I originally printed this up in 2014 in the 'Fables' series of Colva Books, but this is its first appearance as a letterpress booklet. Because I have only limited amounts of type I didn't actually have enough to print a full page of text. However, I figured that this actually suited the narrative quite well. Accordingly, I laid out a page until the letters began to run out and the words began to fracture. The broken sentences were then printed in full on the next page. It was printed on 60-year-old book paper extracted from a 1962 publisher's blank 'specimen book', which I disbound, halving the pages and using the existing crease. It was then sewn into a cover of waxed paper that resembles old leather. This is a 20-page booklet, of which selected pages are shown, and there are 24 copies.

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